As a working woman, your needs and constraints are unique. From balancing home and work efficiently to handling stresses and work pressures with tranquility, we help you rediscover yourself.

As a working woman, we are sure that you do not find quality time for yourself. In trying to meet strenuous deadlines at work, and managing your family and home in parallel, you often end up neglecting yourself. This often leads to problems with weight management, fatigue, and premature aging.

At Dwi, we have specially customized courses available for you. We cover everything from a smart workout for the busy executive to simple stress management techniques for the hassled manager.

We offer effective tips on handling common problems like fatigue and backaches. We also help you learn simple and quick meditative techniques to rejuvenate yourself to feel instantly reenergized. Moreover, we introduce you to highly effective age-defying techniques through meditation, a balanced diet and breathing exercises. We give you pointers that will help you stay in shape always without having to compromise on any aspect of your life.

“Dwi has been very close to my heart from the day I signed in, for the prenatal classes. Mainly because my husband and I were all alone in Chennai and our families are in our native place Coimbatore. We had so many questions, doubts and fears about being pregnant. Rakhi was our friendly guide who took us through the 9 months in ease and peace.

My job involved tremendous travelling as I was with Marketing, and the exercises I learnt at Dwi helped me be fit throughout and handle the pressures of the job and the pregnancy. That was the first time I have ever exercised in my life and now it has motivated me to take exercising as a daily activity as I need so much energy to run behind my 2 and a half yr old son. I keep referring Dwi to all my friends who live in Chennai as it’s a wonderful experience that every mom-to-be has to go through, especially if she is working! All the very best.”
Vishnu, Nandini and Aarya