The antenatal classes at Dwi are designed to include several activities and hands-on sessions that give you a true feel of everything from labor contractions to managing a newborn.

Also, at Dwi, the emphasis is on learning and experiencing everything as a couple. As a result, we strongly recommend that you come in for as many sessions as possible as a couple. The antenatal classes at Dwi focus as much on emotional bonding between couples as they do on diet and fitness.

We take into consideration your special needs as an expectant mother, particularly if you experience pregnancy-induced medical conditions like gestational diabetes. Additionally, we have dedicated sessions to cover caesarian section and postnatal recovery as part of the antenatal experience. We touch upon some of the basics of postnatal fitness as well, because we understand your constraints in returning after delivery.

Session Coverage
Take it one day at a time!

From backaches to dark spots on your skin, pregnancy is full of surprises. At Dwi, we help you rediscover simple solutions that you were perhaps already aware of. What sets us apart is that we help you to implement those solutions to make your life a lot more comfortable now and to prepare for a healthier, happier tomorrow. Our recommendation is: take pregnancy one day at a time.

Deliver with Grace

As your pregnancy progresses into the third trimester, you might find that you are not sleeping well through the night. The causes for sleepless nights could vary from heartburns to visiting the toilet frequently. But a major part of your sleeplessness is due to anxiety about labor and childbirth.
You can make labor less stressful by understanding the process of birth and by doing what is in your best interests. At Dwi, we help you cope with labor contractions and prepare you for what is in store for you on the big day.

Breastfeeding and nursing

As much as breast milk is essential for your baby, nursing the baby is equally beneficial to you. Nursing your infant brings you closer to your newborn, both physically and emotionally. In addition, studies have shown that breastfeeding reduces the risk of breast cancer to a large extent. Moreover, nursing mothers often get back in shape faster after delivery.

Starting off on a breastfeeding schedule is not easy. Understanding the dynamics of lactation and presenting your milk to the baby is the second most essential gift after giving birth.

At Dwi, we emphasize the need for breastfeeding because breast milk contains natural nutrients that build your child’s immunity for life. Research has also revealed that breastfed babies are emotionally more secure, adapt better in social settings and grow up to be psychologically stable adults.

No looking back!

The oft-repeated phrase “getting back to shape” must actually be replaced with “moving ahead in life”.

At Dwi, we understand your frustrations as a new mother, and we help you adjust to being a mother by providing you with practical tips and guidelines on infant management, postnatal recovery and fitness for life.

One page from a baby's journal

Most couples are as anxious about managing their newborn baby as they are about labor and delivery. Keeping this in mind, Dwi’s antenatal experience integrates basic infant care guidelines as well as tips on early parenting into the course.

The antenatal experience at Dwi comprises sessions that enable you to address your practical fears relating to childbirth and parenting. At these sessions, inevitable questions like, “how soon can I get back to work after my baby?”, “will I be a good mother/father?” are discussed at length.

“Returning from overseas, we were anxious to find out if pre-natal classes would be available in Chennai and it was really pleasing to learn about Dwi and the courses they offer. Every session in Dwi has been carefully designed to help expectant couples learn about and enjoy the journey towards parenting and clear any reservations, fears and doubts that we may have. It is very commendable how the Dwi team constantly gets feedback from the couples to continuously enhance and update the sessions. We would like to extend our hearty thanks to Rakhi, Mina and Vanitha for a wonderful experience and we will surely recommend the Dwi sessions for every expectant couple”.”
Srini and Sushma