Dwi offers a special workshop called UBKids2 for parents of young children. The workshop covers all aspects of your baby’s diet, behavior, habits and toilet training.

Toddlers have tremendous amounts of energy, and parents often end up feeling burdened and stressed out managing them. The UBKids2 workshop aims at suggesting simple and innovative techniques of engaging the energetic toddler in creative tasks. The emphasis is on having fun while you are at it.

By helping young parents let off steam and discuss common parenting issues, this workshop facilitates sharing of ideas and experimentation of new techniques in toddler management.

Some of the highlights of the workshop are listed below:
  • Couples with children aged between 4 months to 2 years can participate in the workshop.
  • Every session of the workshop will involve some fun activity or game.
  • The take-away from the activity or game will be discussed at length during each session.
  • At every session, participants will be asked to prepare for a discussion on some topic.
  • For some sessions, participants may be asked to bring back props or other materials.
  • The workshop will act as a platform for parents of young children to network socially.

In a nutshell, this parenting workshop is all about looking at the world from your child’s perspective.

Being a parent

Having a baby is a learning experience for the entire family. No two babies are alike, and so, no generalizations can be made about managing them. Parenting is a fine art; a skill that requires tremendous amounts of patience and a generous dose of creativity. Add a sense of humor to the mix, and you have the perfect formula for a happy family!

Beginners’ guide to parenting

Although delivery may seem like an accomplished journey, it is just the beginning. What follows is a multitude of questions arising in your mind about your baby.

Common toddler issues like stranger anxiety and separation anxiety are dealt with during these sessions. The UBKids2 workshop also touches upon important issues like toddler habits and their management.

“Dwi is a gift for pregnant mothers, which teaches all the facts. I loved the Dwi classes and enjoyed the same with my hubby. In short, Dwi boosted our confidence as lovable parents to our loving angel Mrutu…
Thanks a lot, Dwi…..”
Madan, Deepa and Mrutu