At Dwi Maternity Studio, we emphasize the need to bond as a couple during pregnancy and handle the baby together as a family after delivery. As a result, we pay special attention to the role of fathers and fathers-to-be.

Dwi’s antenatal experience helps fathers-to-be in dealing with pregnancy pressures and common pregnancy symptoms from the male perspective. We guide men through their wives’ pregnancy and delivery as well as the subsequent phase of parenting.

The paternity aspect of the antenatal experience trains spouses of pregnant women on contributing effectively towards easing off the wife’s stresses and strains during pregnancy. Very often, mothers-to-be feel isolated and lonely, and believe that their husbands cannot understand what they are going through. Dwi aims at bringing couples closer to each other by opening up fresh communication channels between them.

By promoting mutual understanding, Dwi helps mothers-to-be understand that their husbands are as excited about the baby as they are, and that they would love to help in every possible way. At the same time, Dwi also helps fathers-to-be in positively contributing towards helping their better half cope with the pregnancy.

Simple tips like giving her a back massage when she is weighed down by backache, listening to her when she is experiencing mood-swings, or just holding her hand when she is having a tough day can go a long way in strengthening a couple’s bond.

Additionally, these sessions prepare men for their partner’s delivery and offer them tips on helping with the newborn baby. For example, while his wife naps, the new father can take care of the baby by changing diapers, swaddling the newborn, or just holding and rocking a colicky infant.

For fathers of older babies and toddlers, Dwi offers tips on managing children, and also suggests constructive ways to help their wives with daily parenting.

“From the day he was born, our son cried throughout the night, loud enough to silence our neighbourhood dogs. One such night, I lifted him up, his tiny belly bare against my "bare-oholic" belly, and started talking to him. Slowly, he started to fall asleep! In that instant, I remembered a line Rakhi had said to all fathers-to-be during a class - that skin-to-skin contact soothes infants and helps in bonding. From then on, it became a ritual. We did skin-to-skin everyday, and I thanked Dwi everyday for that valuable piece of advice. Today my son and I share a bond that is stronger than anything in the world! Thank you, Rakhi!"
Dilip and Niranjan