Dwi’s program on infant care, child management and parenting is called UBKids2, and is a workshop for parents and parents-to-be.

As part of the antenatal experience, two sessions are dedicated to infant care and parenting basics. In addition, Dwi offers UBKids2 as an exclusive workshop for parents.

UBKIds2: For Parents-to-be

Designed on a workshop model, UBKids2 is a two-session experience that takes you through the basics of infant care and parenting.

During these sessions, you will:
  • Be taken through a memorable experience of connecting with your baby in the womb
  • Get an opportunity to rediscover the child within you through activities designed to help you think out of the box.
UBKids2 covers essential aspects of childcare such as:
  • Bathing the baby
  • Grooming and bonding
  • Diaper changes and care of genitalia
  • Interpretation of your baby's coos and cries
  • Important milestones in your baby’s development
  • Basics of child behavior and psychology

“Like Rakhi says, there's no point attending the classes if you don't take the effort and keep practising your breathing, stretches and walking at home. So be systematic and push yourselves to do it. I'm also proud to say that I was all ready to go for my evening walk when I got my first contraction :)