If you thought Dwi is for married women only, think again. At Dwi, we cater to women of every age, in every stage!

At Dwi, we believe that 90% of failed marriages could have been saved, if only young couples had taken some time out to understand exactly what they were getting into. We subscribe to the adage, “forewarned is forearmed”, based on which, we offer premarital counseling services to young men and women who are planning to tie the knot.

Our premarital counseling sessions focus on adjustment issues, sex, managing children, dealing with each other’s families and so on.

We also offer stress management programs for everyone, regardless of age, marital status and professional standing. We invite you to join our stress management program and see the difference it makes in your life!

“A wonderful place for moms-to-be. Pregnant women can get ample details from Dwi, right from first week till the last trimester of pregnancy. Their exercises and breathing techniques helped me a lot during my delivery. In fact I still use the breathing techniques when am stressed out. There should be lot more such studios in the city!! We wish them good luck for their future!!!”
Shiva, Lavanya and Tvishi