For expectant mothers, Dwi offers one of the best designed antenatal experiences ever. The antenatal classes at Dwi guide you through various phases in your pregnancy, and aim at making pregnancy a comfortable 10-month period for you. Dwi’s objective is not only to help you stay fit, but also to transform pregnancy into a pleasant experience.

We believe that forewarned is forearmed, and therefore prepare you for your delivery by creating awareness about the various facets of pregnancy and delivery. Furthermore, we guide you on lactation, breastfeeding, infant care and parenting.

When you first join us, we evaluate your medical history, analyze your scan reports and understand your background thoroughly. We do so in order to recommend the perfect diet and exercise regimen for you, customized based on your own unique requirements.

“Dwi helped my husband and me to bond through the period of my pregnancy - our sessions with Rakhi made my husband feel more involved and mentally prepared him for the birth of his child - something he was both looking forward to and was terrified of as well. As for me, Dwi was my crutch through my pregnancy - I had so many questions and worries and it made me feel so much better to have my questions answered and to see that other mothers-to-be were going through the same thing so I wasn't totally paranoid! And I really impressed my doctor by staying calm through my contractions - so calm that I read a book till they wheeled me off to have my c-sec. Thank you Rakhi and the Dwi team!”
Charlie, Archana and Leah