Dwi’s new Fitness for Life package course offers fitness programs for women of all ages, ranging from young unmarried women to middle-aged and even older women with specific needs. Here is an overview of this course:

Getting in Shape before Marriage

At Dwi, we have special programs that help you get in shape and stay in shape. This course primarily addresses the needs of young women who want to get fit.

Emotional, Mental and Physical Fitness for Marriage

Along with a physical fitness regime, this program offers counseling services that address the emotional and mental aspects of being prepared for a marriage. This program offers a holistic approach to marriage, and prepares young couples for marriage in every dimension.

Pelvic Floor Strengthening

Although exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor are most often learnt during pregnancy, these exercises are useful for life. More so, in the case of women who already have children.

Preventive Healthcare for Women

Women of all ages are susceptible to certain ailments and diseases. The most common disease in recent times, which has been on the rise, is cancer of the breasts and ovaries. Dwi’s Preventive Healthcare program for women addresses these issues and offers some effective ways to take preventive action against some of these illnesses.

Programs for Middle-aged Women

As you grow older, your body ages, too. Bones start to weaken, joints become painful and your general health seems to decline. Dwi offers a comprehensive program for older women, covering everything from managing backaches and joint pains to pelvic floor strengthening and combating common ailments.

"I am wondering why moms and grandmoms still think the birth of the first born is like "near death" experience. They probably don't know that there is Dwi these days… I breezed through delivery. The speed and confidence with which I recovered from the C-sec and regained my fitness, and the ease with which I was handling the baby actually surprised all the older, more experienced women in the household. Thanks to the Dwi team for making the difference"
Bhuvana and Rishi